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Derek Fisher discusses his game-winning shot against Clippers

December 9, 2010 | 12:42 am

Fishie_300 Assorted quotes following the Lakers' 87-86 victory over the Clippers:

Derek Fisher on his game-winning shot: "Matt [Barnes] made a judgment call there and trusted that I’d make the right play with the ball — not necessarily shoot it, but at least be able to make the right play from there.

 "I obviously quickly just tried to assess the situation once I caught it.... I assumed most guys would play me to stop and shoot, so I just wanted to read it, make a little hesitation, and if I go and I could get head and shoulders by him, just keep going to the cup."

Fisher joked about his reputation.

"I’ve been in that situation before. Many of you guys have documented how easily guys get around me at the top of the floor there," he said, smiling. "But when you’re in the middle of the floor and a guy can go left or right regardless of what hand he is, it’s a very tough spot to be in.

"I’m not as fast as they come obviously, but I can get around the guy if I have the ball on the top of the floor and the middle like that."


Ron Artest on the Clippers'  DeAndre Jordan: "Jordan, if he works on his game and loses some of that fast-food burger belly, he's going to be OK.... If he works on his game, hook shot, turnaround, drop step move, fundamentals, he's going to be unstoppable.

"But I don't know if he wants to be unstoppable. I think he's comfortable eating fast food burgers. I'm not sure."

More Fisher on the heavy workload carried by Pau Gasol: Gasol and Lamar Odom combined for 18 points, and Odom fouled out.

"We can’t ask him to carry that type of load, night in and night out,"  he said. "It's a lot of ask of anyone. We're obviously counting the days to Andrew [Bynum] gets back.... Pau will be OK."

-- Lisa Dillman

Photo: Derek Fished banks in a last second shot against the Clippers at Staples Center on Wednesday. Credit: Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press.