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Live updates: For those of you bashing Connecticut, consider this

December 21, 2010 |  5:31 pm

Let's address the white elephant in the room. We've already received a few comments from readers complaining that this won't break UCLA's record. Some points I'd lile to make:

1. When they win tonight, Connecticut will break UCLA's record for most consecutive wins in college basketball. That is a fact.

2. That fact doesn't diminish in any way what UCLA accomplished, both teams have done an amazing thing.

3. Just because Connecticut is doing this in women's basketball doesn't mean it's not a feat to be respected. Winning 89 in a row in anything, from Tiddlywinks on up, should be applauded for the skill it takes to do that.

4. You don't build up your team by tearing another team down. The legacy of John Wooden and the Bruins will not be tarnished by this. In fact, you could argue that what Connecticut has done has reminded people across the country just how amazing Wooden and this early 70's UCLA teams were.

5. Yes, the 88-win UCLA team would defeat this Connecticut team. If they played 100 times, UCLA would win 100 times. So what? Again, that doesn't diminish what Connecticut has accomplished: They have won more consecutive games than any team in college basketball history.  You don't have to like it, but the least you can do is salute them and then move on with your life.

By the way, UConn leads, 73-51 with 10:58 to play.

--Houston Mitchell

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