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Skiing may be only one of Lindsey Vonn's talents

November 4, 2010 |  2:07 pm



Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic gold medal-winning downhill skier, incorporated 400-meter sprints into her training regimen over the summer to increase her ability to explode out of turns in the slalom.

If she ever gets tired of the snow, she may have another option.

She said her fastest quarter-mile was a self-timed 52 seconds. With that time, she could've won gold at both the 1964 and '68 Olympics.

"My husband doesn't even believe me, no one believes me," Vonn said, laughing. "It's pretty fast and it was on my eighth lap."

She's even a bit incredulous.

"I admit it does seem a little fishy," she said. "It could be off."

-- Melissa Rohlin

Photo: Lindsey Vonn. Credit: Hans Klaus Techt / European Press Agency

The Associated Press contributed to this report.