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Back handsprings land high school football player, coach in trouble

November 10, 2010 | 11:23 am

Style points aren't awarded in football. Neither are points for creativity. Too bad for North Carolina's Watauga High. Check out this awesome trick play on a two-point conversion attempt from last weekend:

Too bad we never will know how the rest of the play was going to look. The player performing the handsprings, senior Cam Haas, was flagged for excessive celebration. Then he and Coach Tim Pruitt were ejected from the game (although it's unclear why exactly the ejections took place).

According to Yahoo! Sports, Pruitt said he offered his seniors the chance to pick one play to run during their final game and they chose that one. He decided to run it at that point, when a successful two-point conversion from the 18 seemed unlikely.

Pruitt, whose team wound up losing the game, seems pretty dejected. "I am a lot more regretful than you might think," he told Prep Rally.

Haas, on the other hand, has a different view of the situation. "They ejected me for excessive celebration ... whatever, it was worth it!" he commented on the YouTube video page.

-- Chuck Schilken