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Baseball card collection in search of its owner

October 6, 2010 |  7:35 pm

Baseballcards With the baseball playoffs underway, it is somehow heartening to see a press release from the metro D.C. police department timed so perfectly.

The headline: Police Seek to Reunite Collector with Baseball Cards.

The lead paragraph: Officers from the Metropolitan Police Department are seeking the public’s assistance in locating the rightful owner of a substantial baseball card collection

Substantial indeed. It turns out that in June, more than 500 baseball cards were found in a grassy area in East Potomac Park in southwest Washington and police were notified. But so far, no one has come forward to claim what appears to be a valuable group of cards.

Each card was in a plastic sleeve and police suspect the collection was stolen and then dumped in the park. As any true fan can see from the picture the police released, Johnny Bench, Steve Carlton, Tony La Russa and Fred Lynn are in the collection.

But proof of ownership won't be easy. The police release warns:

"The Property Clerk shall make the final determination as to ownership.  In the case that there is more than one claimant, a hearing will be held by the clerk to determine ownership."

Be prepared to cite a long, long list of ballplayers. 

-- Debbie Goffa

Photo: The cards in question. Credit: Courtesy Metropolitan Police Department.