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Some Friday Jazz by Victor Conte: the 'BALCO Bebop'

September 17, 2010 |  1:33 pm


Victor Conte, the notorious founder of the steroid-distributing operation known as BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative), has returned to his musical roots to produce a jazz number he's called the "BALCO Bebop."

A video accompanying the music has been made by Conte, showing photos of BALCO headquarters in Burlingame, Calif., of Conte with his former clients Barry Bonds and the all-time home run king's trainer, Greg Anderson.

Conte, who served four months in federal prison for distributing steroids and laundering money, is also seen holding a container of nutritional supplements while posing with his former band mates in "Tower of Power." The most clever photo shows Conte with a bass over his right shoulder and a barbell in his left hand.

Conte delivered the music and video to The Times Friday and added a note, reading:

"BALCO Bebop is a song that was inspired to be written as a result of spending a wonderful day at a MLB game between the SF Giants and Chicago Cubs. As always, they played "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." I decided to write an up-tempo, happy and fun tune that attempts to capture the pure spirit and enjoyment of being at a baseball game. Some have joked that it sounds like "Take Me Out to the Ballgame on steroids," but that's not the case. We are all drug free musicians who simply love America's game."

-- Lance Pugmire