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Question of the day: Michael Vick selected as the most disliked athlete; who's your top choice?

September 16, 2010 |  8:28 am


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Dom Amore, Hartford Courant

Public adulation has a razor’s edge. A sports idol playing his cards wrong, wearing out his welcome, can go from beloved to reviled in no time. It’s for this reason that an athlete who would have made my favorites list a few years ago now sits atop my other list: Brett Favre.

Favre has committed no crime or reprehensible act. He just wants to keep playing football until they tear the jersey off his back. Fine. Say so, and show up when your teammates do. The problem is -- and it is annoying -- this insatiable appetite for attention.

When Favre led the Packers to the 2007 NFC Championship Game, fans of all stripes poured out the love and appreciation for all he’d accomplished.  How does one squander that much good will? Then came the tears, the return, strong-arming the Packers into trading him, the awkward, unsuccessful turn in New York, more tears, another change of heart ... and after a great season for the Vikings and another chance to leave a hero, he milked it some more and came back when he felt like it. LeBron had a one-hour special; Brett’s had a three-year soap.

Photo: Michael Vick. Credit: Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images.