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Venus and Serena Williams fined at Wimbledon

July 1, 2010 | 12:43 pm

Serena and Venus Williams were fined $4,000 each Thursday for failing to appear as requested for interviews after they were upset in the women's doubles quarterfinals Wednesday.

Interest in talking to Serena rose because she played that doubles match with her right (serving) shoulder taped. The tape was a new wardrobe addition. But the sisters declined the request. Appearance if requested is required and so they were fined.

After her semifinal singles win Thursday, Serena claimed she was unaware of both the fine and the request.

"We never do doubles press conferences in general from the first round to the second, third, quarters," she said. "At the French we didn't do a doubles press conference after the quarters or the semis. In Australia, we didn't do doubles press conferences. Only usually in the finals they ask, so I'm shocked to hear that."

Actually many doubles players are asked to speak after wins and losses. Lindsay Davenport came as requested after a mixed doubles match in the first round.

But considering Serena's fine of $92,500 after her U.S. Open tantrum last year (where she unleashed an obscenity-filled tirade in the direction of a lineswoman who called her for a foot fault), $4,000 is not a major problem.

-- Diane Pucin