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In its 20th year, Fanfest is wired

July 8, 2010 |  9:30 pm

Those classic baseball cards are nice to look at. And the historical jerseys are glitzy and the glass they sit behind is shiny. For those looking to stay active, though, there are several attractions at the Fanfest event to partake in.

Fanfest  travels with Major League Baseball's All-Star game each year and allows participants to meet current and former players, perform baseball drills and take in the game's history. It's  at the Anaheim Convention Center from Thursday through Tuesday. 

Classic batting cages, bunting exercises and fielding opportunities are available. So is a new line of wired games geared toward improving the baseball fan's experience.

On the list are Steal Home Challenge, where participants race a timed gun; Call a Play, which gives a list of scenarios and allows for users to describe the scene; and Bullpen, a pitching simulation where hurlers attempt to strike out the video of a player’s swing.

The Steal Home Challenge: Sensors are used to determine when a participant steps off the bag and attempts to steal. The game then shows a video of a player’s attempt to steal home in real time and the same throw you are charged with beating.

Call a Play: Baseball fans can become  broadcast journalists for a while with Call a Play. A list of plays are available to choose from, and they can call the play as they see it.

Bullpen: Testing their throw against the video of a major league batter, pitchers in this game try to hit the strike zone and evade the swing of their favorite players. 

-- DeAntae Prince