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Tanner Foust expects 'carnage' in first year of superrally

July 28, 2010 |  7:01 pm
In preparation for the addition of superrally, rally car racer Tanner Foust and other riders have competed in the European Rally Car Championship the new event is based on.

The heat-style race will have 12 riders compete in a four-lap time trial at the Coliseum.

Foust said the Europeans  who ride in superrally are always irritated "because there's so much crashing."

He expects the same at the Coliseum in the first year of superrally, at which he expects tight spacing to pair with aggressive drivers.  Brian Deegan and Travis Pastrana, who Foust said are used to riding alongside competitors before passing, will be two of those.

In the superrally, though, Foust doesn't see that type of driving ending well for anyone.

"I think there's going to be a lot of carnage in the superrally," Foust said. "Just because a lot of people are going to be fighting for the same lines."

"And then you mix that with the Coliseum and how small the track is," Foust said. "It's going to be a mess for sure."

He couldn't help laughing before mentioning the 70-foot gap jump placed in the track.

"Everybody hopefully will have their seat belts on tight," Foust said.

-- DeAntae Prince