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FanFest clubhouse: Where are all the shoes?

July 9, 2010 | 12:40 pm


As part of its quest to allow fans to experience the game, FanFest set up a clubhouse and dugout adjacent to the small baseball diamond where many of the events take place.

The clubhouse, which will be used for Q&A sessions with baseball legends and other figures from around the game, has eight cubbyhole adorned with the names and jerseys of various all-stars, as well as a bench, buckets of baseballs and a television. 

It all looks pretty realistic -- except for the pristine cubbyholes. Though some players are very neat, most don't keep their things quite that organized.

And they all have massive amounts of shoes.

But the shoes -- usually piled, in and out of boxes, on the floor of players' lockers, were nowhere to be found.

The dugout, with towels, gloves and about six Gatorade jugs on the bench and crushed Gatorade water cups strewn about on the ground, looked fairly accurate. 

-- Laura Myers

Photo: The FanFest clubhouse includes cubbyholes with the jerseys of Vladimir Guerrero (left) and Robinson Cano. Credit: Laura Myers