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All-Star Fanfest: Rod Carew leads pitch, hit and run clinic for kids

July 9, 2010 | 11:12 am
On a diamond made up of carpet of different colors, children learned the basics of baseball at the Fanfest Pitch, Hit and Run Clinic.

The event, one of the first at the five-day Fanfest event that travels with the All-Star Game each year, featured coaches, loads of kids and Hall of Famer Rod Carew.

Children began by learning how to balance, thrust and release when pitching. They threw at a blue barrier with a white circle placed in the middle to indicate where the strike zone was.

After the mechanics came the gun, and participants threw from a flattened mound as they competed for a T-shirt from Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg. The fastest pitch -- a 65 mph strike -- won the shirt.

Carew came through for the rest of the exercise. Before the hitting portion began, he advised the kids to get a good stance, a strong grip of the bat and to do away with all fear of being hit.

Once you get a hit, the bases come into play. Kids in oversize jerseys and floppy hats slid into home and first base after being taught to place their strong leg in the shape of a four after pushing toward the base.

Not everyone was safe, but they all picked up some baseball basics.

-- DeAntae Prince