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World Cup: Mexican president to attend opener

June 9, 2010 | 11:11 am

South African security officials have gone on record as saying they hope the U.S. is bounced in the first round of the World Cup, allowing them to avoid the logistical nightmares that would ensue if President Obama kept his promise to come cheer the Americans on in the tournament's second round.

Apparently organizing security for Mexican President Felipe Calderon is less complicated.

South African leader Jacob Zuma invited Calderon to Friday's World Cup opener between South Africa and Mexico, and Calderon immediately accepted.

"All of the Mexico -- and the whole world -- is excited about this event and what it signifies," Mexican defender Carlos Salcido said Wednesday. "It's important, we know ... representing our country."

The visit is Calderon's first to South Africa, and while in the country he will also participate in official talks with Zuma aimed at building better relations -- the results of Friday's match notwithstanding.

-- Kevin Baxter in Johannesburg