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World Cup: Irish gloating as misfortune piles upon misfortune for Thierry Henry's France

June 19, 2010 | 11:07 am

Henry_300 The woeful performances by France at World Cup 2010 might not be going down well in, say, Paris or Marseille or Lyon, but they are being welcomed with glee in Ireland.

The French infamously prevented the Irish from qualifying for the tournament when Thierry Henry's uncalled handball foul led to a goal that earned France a playoff victory. Ever since then, what's bad for Les Bleus has been what's good for Les Greens.

According to the Associated Press, one grassroots movement has a promotion offering five euros off restaurant meals in Ireland every time a French opponent scores a goal.

Also, an electronics chain is offering Irish consumers a discount on television sets using the slogan: "When the French lose, the Irish win."

And American restaurant chain Pizza Hut has a different slogan, one that has drawn a frown from FIFA: "Pizzas 1, France 0." The pizza chain in Ireland is offering 350 free pizzas every time a French opponent scores.

Considering all this, it might be wise for the New York Red Bulls to consider the backlash from local Irish residents if they go ahead and bring Henry to Major League Soccer, as rumored.

At the very least, the veteran French forward had best stay out of Manhattan's Irish bars, even those named O'Henry's.

-- Grahame L. Jones, reporting from Johannesburg

Photo: Thierry Henry. Credit: Francois Mon / Associated Press