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Actor and Clippers fan Rondell Sheridan gives his take on Game 2 of the Lakers-Celtics series

June 7, 2010 |  9:44 pm

Actor and Clippers fan Rondell Sheridan of "That's So Raven" and "Cory in the House" fame gives his take on Game 2 of the Lakers-Celtics series:

SheridanRondell Sheridan: First of all is anyone going to comment on the lame two day turnaround?Whats up with that? Both teams had like five days off after the conference finals. Hey Stern why so stingy with the rest days? 

Jose Salviati: Couldn't agree more. Seems odd there hasn't been more uproar over this. It's odd.

RS: Game two was odd. Not the way I would have predicted. Gasol and Bynum are incredible while Garnett and Perkins were average at best. Kobe shoots 40%, and though down by 14 the Lakers eventually tie the game up in the third quarter.
The Lakers had problems all night long however. They looked like the Celtics of game one. They just didnʼt have the same energy and they got out hustled by of all people ... Rondo, twelve rebounds? Seriously? Also why did the Lakers abandon that great switch that Gasol had on Allen in game one. Black Jesus was on fire Sunday night and there was nothing LA could do to put him out.
Now some would say that Kobe being in foul trouble changed the game, and I wouldnʼt disagree. But the same could be said of Allen in game one.
All I know is that the next three games are going to be in Boston and though their home record during the regular season was not that impressive, their playoff record this season is seven and four.

JS: Back to game two, what did you think about the Celtics bigs?

RS: The best big man on the floor for Boston was the combined play of Rasheed Wallace and Big Baby. They combined for 15pts and 14 rebounds. All for only 18 minutes each. Compare that to Garnett and Perkins for a combined 18/10 in a combined 54 minutes played.
Iʼm not sure whats going on with Garnett out there. But heʼs just looking old and slow. Perhaps his knee is indeed messed up. Perhaps Rasheed and the Big Ticket Stub should get some extra minutes.

JS: Ok Rondell, you called a split in the first two games, so what do you see as the key to the next three in Boston?

RS: To me the key to the next 3 games is going to be simple, BENCH PLAY. The Lakers Bench sucks. Farmar, Brown, Vujacic and Lamar combined for 21 points in game 2. Bostonʼs bench combined for 24 points plus 15 rebounds, but they did it in 60 minutes of combined playing time. You would have thought that the Lakers would have had more playing time since Kobe was out so much with foul trouble, But the Lakers bench only combined for 47 minutes of playing time and only 8 rebounds.

JS: Speaking of the Lakers bench, what is up with Lamar? He has been a total non-entity thus far.

RS: He was suppose to be the Lakers secret weapon. Either Odom will figure things out in the next three games or its gonna be turn out the lights in Boston. I donʼt see Boston winning all three but definitely 2 out of 3.

JS: Your prediction that the Celtics will win the series aside, this is being published in Los Angeles, so, what are the Lakers keys to victory in Boston?

RS: Lakers need to wake up and recognize, Rondo. They need to shut him down and out rebound the Celtics. Without doing that, then Lamar and the bench mob better step up, put the ball in the basket and grab some rebounds. The way they are playing right now, Gasol and Bynum will get theirs. Kobe will get his, but if you ask me, he needs to come out swinging and stop taking what the defense is giving him.
Also the Lakers need to take advantage of their speed and run up and down the court. Make Boston run after them. If not, that half court game is just what the Leprechaun's ordered.
If the Lakers simply sit back and let the Celtics dictate the flow of the game, the game will be over before it begins. Iʼm taking Boston in the next two out of the next three games, with them going back to LA 3-2 in the series.

JS: Final thoughts?

RS: Iʼm out. I just heard there is an APB out for Lamarʼs game. If you ask me, its probably hanging out with Garnettʼs game. Somebody check the lost and found box in the back of the Garden.

-- Jose Salviati