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UFC 113 results

May 8, 2010 | 11:19 pm


Alan Belcher d. Patrick Cote via choke in the second round

First round: Belcher opens with several body kicks. Cote keeps trying to punch but can't get past the kicks. Cote takes down Belcher and works for a Kimura but Belcher escapes. Belcher ends the round with some punches. Close round, I'd give it to Cote.

Second round: They trade punches before Belcher pins Cote against the fence. Cote takes Belcher down. Belcher gets back up, picks up Cote and drops him in a face-first piledriver. That gets the crowd fired up. Belcher then chokes Cote out.

Matt Matrione d. Kimbo Slice via TKO, second round

First round: Kimbo rocks Mitrione with a right. Kimblo slams him down and gets on top, but Mitrione almost locks in a triangle. Slice escapes and both men are back up. Kimbo takes him down again, but lets Mitrion back up after another triangle attempt.  Mitrione gives Kimbo a couple of body kicks and tries to slap on an anaconda choke when the round ends. Round to Mitrione.

Second round: Kimbo looks gassed already and the round just started. Mitrione sends Kimbo reeling with a punch. Kimbo looks ready to quit. Two body kicks by Mitrione. More punches and knees by Mitrione. Mitrione with several unanswered blows until the ref finally stops it. That should be more than enough to kill off any remaining mystique surrounding Kimbo Slice.

Jeremy Stephens d. Sam Stout by split decision

First round: Stephens takes Stout down with a punch. Looks like Stephens might end it early, but Stout rallies with some hard, low kicks. A hard left to the nose has Stout bleeding. Stephens lands a hook. Stout ends the round with a late flurry, but it's clearly Stephens' round.

Second round: Stephens knocks Stout down with a series of punches. Stout back up and lands some low kicks. A lot of blood coming out of Stout's nose. Another round for Stephens.

Third round: Stout kicks Stephens in the groin. and the fight is interrupted to give Stephens time to recover. Stephens and Stout trade punches. Great fight. Stout lands a series of body kicks, knocking Stephens down. Elbows from the top by Stout. Round to Stout, but Stephens should win the fight.

30-27, 29-28, 28-29 split decision for Stephens.

Josh Koscheck d. Paul Daley via unanimous decision

First round: Koscheck takes Daley down and throws some punches. Koscheck works for the choke but Daley escapes. Daley gets up and kicks Koscheck in the head when Koscheck is still down. End of the round. Slow fight. Round to Koscheck.

Second round: Koscheck takes Daley down again but doesn't really do much with him. Very slow round as Koscheck keeps trying to get past Daley's defense and can't. Round to Koscheck.

Third round: Daley opens with some punches, but Koscheck keeps circling around, as if he is trying to just run out the clock. Koscheck takes Daley down and throws some punches. Now some knees. And the fight is over. Daley sucker punches Koscheck after the fight. Now Dana White is screaming at Daley. Bye bye Daley.

Scores are 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 Koscheck.

Shogun Rua d. Lyoto Machida via TKO in first round to win the light-heavyweight title

First round: Both men trade kicks. More kicks and punches from Shogun. Machida takes him down but Shogun escapes and pops right back up. More knees by Shogun. Shogun rocks Machida with a punch, knocks him down and lands several unanswered blows before the ref stops it.

-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua puts Lyoto Machida on the defensive in their light-heavyweight title bout at UFC 113 on Saturday night in Montreal: Credit: Richard Wolowicz / Getty Images

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