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Will the Kings escape the Green Men at Vancouver's GM Place?

April 22, 2010 |  6:27 pm

You might have seen them in Games 1 and 2 when the Kings were in Vancouver to play the Canucks. Dressed in green spandex suits, these two guys mock opposing players who are sent to the penalty box. The Green Men jump, dance, wave their arms -- whatever it takes to drive the player crazy. Even a handstand.

The Green Men haven't said how they happened to get those exact seats at GM Place, though.

Some players ignore them. Others smile. At least one Nashville Predators player covered the camera, since the Green Men seem to go through their craziest antics only when the camera is live. In the video above, the Kings' Jeff Halpern, Jack Johnson and Justin Williams get their share of green.

The Canucks' fans love these guys, who have said they got the idea from the cable-television series "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on FX. On the show, one of the characters has an alter ego that looks pretty much like these guys.

The Green Men have built a rabid following and have been interviewed on a number of TV shows in the last few weeks. They have their own website and Facebook page and have real names too. Ryan Sullivan (known as Sully) is in the darker green and Adam Forsythe (known as Force) is a shade lighter. 

If the Kings do everything right on the ice, they won't be seeing much of the Green Men for Game 5 on Friday night.

-- Debbie Goffa