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Dale Earnhardt Jr. puts a positive spin on Bristol outburst

March 23, 2010 | 10:25 am

Dale_300 When I'm alone in the office late at night, you should hear the creative strings of obscenities I put together when something inevitably goes wrong with my computer.

Actually, it's probably a good thing you can't hear me -- I'd feel pretty silly.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. found himself in a similar situation Sunday at Bristol Motor Speedway -- but unfortunately for him, lots of people could hear him.

Earnhardt has had it kind of rough lately -- no wins in his last 62 attempts -- and had just pulled into the top five when he was penalized for speeding on pit row.

He was not happy about the situation -- and let crew chief Lance McGrew know all about it over the in-race radio. I counted 18 bleeps on the two-minute snippet I heard on

That excerpt didn't even include the part where Earnhardt reportedly lashed out at McGrew after the crew chief urged Earnhardt not to "lay down" the rest of the race.

Earnhardt, who ended up finishing seventh in the race, put a positive spin on the situation Tuesday during a test session at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

He even used a couple more expletives, just for good measure.

"You're going to have days where you get a little hot on the radio and I haven't really been hot on the radio in a long, long time," he said. "And we ain't run worth a [crap] in a while, either. There ain't been no reason to bitch and complain when you're running like" crap.

Earnhardt is currently No. 8 in the Sprint Cup standings.

-- Chuck Schilken

Photo: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Credit: Tom Whitmore / Getty Images for NASCAR