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Video du jour: Vladimir Guerrero

February 8, 2010 | 12:53 pm

This amateur music video not only salutes Vladimir Guerrero in song but also starts with one of the best home-run calls ever. Guerrero hits an absolute bomb, and the announcers just scream -- the ball goes so far they need a few seconds to come up with the words to describe it. (And, of course, since this is 1999 and Guerrero plays for the Montreal Expos, the words are in French.)

The song is a bit corny, but the video is a treat, if all you remember of Guerrero is how he appeared to hobble everywhere in his last few years with the Angels. He had 37 stolen bases in 2001 and 40 in 2002 -- and, in fact, finished one home run shy of 40-40 status in '02.

No real Dodgers connection here -- no need to rehash the whole he-almost-was-a-Dodger saga from six years ago -- but a fun video nonetheless. (Hat tip: Montreal Expos on Twitter.)

-- Bill Shaikin