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Cris Collinsworth says Michael Vick does apology better than Tiger

February 19, 2010 |  6:27 pm

During NBC Olympics coverage Cris Collinsworth, who serves as the analyst on Sunday Night Football with play-by-play man Al Michaels, is also handling duties as a roving reporter at the Olympics.

Collinsworth had some strong reactions to golfer Tiger Woods' televised statements on Friday. Among other things, Collinsworth said that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick did a better job of facing the public consequences after being involved with dog fighting than Woods did in explaining his marital infidelity.

"For my money, I really think...they handled it really poorly. A much better handling of the situation was the way Michael Vick did it in football. It was a much worse situation, but he stood there without a note in his hand and answered every question. He didn't shy away. By the end of it, you thought the guy was truly remorseful. He's done all he can. And he's going off to jail."

Collinsworth noted that Woods spoke but took no questions and that the audience was by invitation only. "It was a friendly crowd. Which means he's still going to go out in front of the rest of the media. He kept it alive, a little like Mark McGwire did," Collinsworth said.

"We've all made mistakes. I think if he'd come out a little more sympathetic, it would have been better. But if you're human at all, you have to be cheering for his family, for these two little kids. This family in some form has to survive and that's what we should be cheering for.'"

-- Diane Pucin