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Poll: What are the best three miscellaneous sports movies of the last 35 years? (Vote for 3)

February 26, 2010 |  1:37 pm

The final first-round matchup in our series of polls to determine the best sports movie of the last 35 years. We've done football, baseball, basketball,  hockey,  soccer,  boxing and golf. Up next: whatever sports are left. What is the best miscellaneous sports movie of the last 35 years? On Oscar night, the winners will square off in a winner-take-all poll to decide the best sports movie of all time. So vote for the best miscellaneous sports movie now, then leave a comment letting us know why you voted the way you did. Movies are listed in alphabetical order.

The football winners: 1. Remember the Titans. 2. Rudy. 3. Friday Night Lights.

The baseball winners: 1. Bull Durham. 2. Field of Dreams. 3. The Natural.

The basketball winners: 1. Hoosiers. 2. White Men Can't Jump. 3. Hoop Dreams.

The hockey winners: 1. Slap Shot. 2. Miracle.

The soccer winners: 1. Bend it Like Beckham. 2. Victory.

The boxing winners:  1. Raging Bull. 2. Rocky. 3. Cinderella Man.

The golf winner: Caddyshack.

-- Houston Mitchell