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George Parros: Deegan, Big Buck Hunter and me

February 25, 2010 |  4:37 pm

I decided to come out of hibernation and get back on the blog train! Maybe some of it has to do with me being bored on my white couch, which actually just got a nice coat of pool chalk on it courtesy of my little nephew, Deegan. He is hilarious. We had my sister and her family over for dinner and he is absolutely mesmerized by our Big Buck Hunter arcade game. I think Tiffany (my wife) and I cemented our house as the coolest place on Earth in his mind.

Fabforum In my mind, the coolest place on Earth is Maui, which is where my wife and I went to for Olympic break. We hopped all around the island and enjoyed the nice weather. I'd have to say my favorite part of the trip was trying to surf and paddleboard. The water was a perfect temperature, but the wind made it difficult to stay on the paddleboard. It was an incredible workout though, one that I prefer to an exercise bike any day. We also got to spend some time with some former teammates and friends from around the league who were also vacationing there.
Hawaii was fun, but it has been back to reality this week as we prepare to hit the ice once again. It will be a painful process finding my hands once again out there. They are always the first thing to go. I guess that shouldn't surprise anybody.

The good thing about this week is the fact that we can all watch some incredible Olympic hockey. The game on Sunday between the US and Canada was some of the most exciting hockey I have seen. It’s an opinion confirmed to me over and over again by lots of casual hockey fans out there. I think that game really helped to promote the sport.

It has been fun watching my teammates battle it out on the international stage, but I will say that I have to root for the U.S. For those of you taking time from the Olympic coverage to check this out, thanks for your minute and we'll chat when we get back to work at the NHL.

-- George Parros

The Times is pleased to have Ducks enforcer George Parros blogging for us on the ups and downs of the NHL season.

Photo: Welcome to Maui. Credit: The Kaanapali Beach Hotel on Maui.