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Angels charging more for bleacher seats

February 17, 2010 | 12:33 pm

Angels The Angels have raised the price of all outfield seats by $2 or $4, the most notable increases among a relatively modest list of price hikes unveiled Wednesday.

The Angels divided their stadium into 30 seating categories this year, up from 27 last year. They froze the single-game price in 17 of those categories and raised the single-game price in the other 10. The top ticket remains $200 within the Diamond Club and $122 outside it.

The Angels also retained surcharges for their most popular games, including Opening Day, July 4 and games against the Dodgers, New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. One of the games against the Red Sox -- a Wednesday afternoon game on July 28 -- will not carry the surcharge. In most cases, the surcharge is $7 or $12.

With the price hikes, a family of four would pay $100 to $144 for tickets in the right-field bleachers to see the Yankees, $72 to $116 to see the Minnesota Twins. The Angels offer discounted children's tickets in the left-field bleachers, where a family of four would pay $70 to see the Yankees and $42 to see the Twins. (The cost for a family of four in upper-view seats: $76 to see the Yankees, $48 to see the Twins.)

The complete single-game price list is here. Tickets for individual games go on sale Feb. 27.

The Dodgers have not yet announced their single-game prices this year.

-- Bill Shaikin