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Referees for Lakers-Cavaliers game have seen a lot of Cleveland

January 21, 2010 | 12:07 pm

Not that we're suggesting referees have any bearing on the outcome of NBA games, but the referees for tonight's game between the Lakers and Cavaliers have seen more of LeBron James this season than Kobe Bryant.

The whistling team of Joe DeRosa, Sean Wright and Gary Zielinski if taken individually and added up are 7-1 when adjudicating Cavaliers games. They are 3-1 when they see the Lakers.

Breaking it down, the Lakers are 1-1 with DeRosa at the game and 2-0 with Zielinski there. This is the first game this season that Wright has seen the Lakers. The Cavaliers are 1-0 when they see DeRosa, 3-1 when Wright is there and 3-0 with Zielinski.

-- John Cherwa