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Monday's question: Which of the four moderately known coaches left in the NFL playoffs would you want coaching your team?

January 18, 2010 | 12:32 pm

Reporters from around the Tribune family answer the question of the day, then you get a chance to chime in and tell them why they are wrong.

Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times

Qotd I'd want Rex Ryan coaching my team. The guy has instilled such confidence in his players it's amazing. His tactic of planning a Super Bowl parade even before the playoffs began seemed crazy, and yet he's done everything he can do to make the Jets believe they can win. Now, that bravado is paying off in a big way. Not only that, but he's got extensive playoff experience and knows how to bring out the best in his personnel, particularly on defense. Most of all, I'd just enjoy being around the guy just to hear what comes out of his mouth next. He'd be incredibly entertaining at the Super Bowl -- far more engaging than Brad Childress, Sean Payton or Jim Caldwell -- though I don't think the Jets will make it to Miami. Then again, I didn't think the Jets would beat San Diego. I'd better start listening to Rex.

Ernie Long, Allentown Morning Call

For the Philadelphia Eagles, it would have to be the Jets’ Rex Ryan. Doing so would not only satisfy those fans nostalgic for the brash attitude of his father, Buddy, but Rex’s approach to the game is just what the Eagles, who have been on the precipice of winning a Super Bowl for nearly 10 years, need.
   While Eagles coach Andy Reid abandons the running game early and often throughout the season and playoffs, often to his peril, Ryan sticks to his guns and is usually rewarded for it. That approach also would ease the burden of losing quarterback Donovan McNabb, which potentially could happen as early as this offseason.
   In addition, Ryan’s outgoing persona would endear him to not only fans, but also to us in the media, who have had our fill of the maddeningly restrained Reid.

Photo: Rex Ryan. Credit: Donald Miralle, Getty Images.