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Shannon Brown inadvertently exposes backside on camera

December 24, 2009 |  8:06 am

Shannon It looks as if the Lakers might want to be a little less conspicuous when the television cameras are rolling in the locker room.

Lakers forward Shannon Brown is the latest athlete to accidentally expose himself while on camera. During a Fox Sports interview with Derek Fisher following the Lakers' victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday, Brown inadvertently shows his backside to the camera for a couple seconds. Video footage of the incident has been posted to YouTube.

Letting cameras into the locker room is always a tricky thing -- in fact, I never understood why teams have allowed it. I know it might be nice to capture the whole team camaraderie thing, but the chances of something offensive happening (although, I'm not sure how offensive the Brown incident is) aren't worth risking for an interview. What's wrong with doing a TV interview on the court or in the press room?

We'll see if the Lakers plan on making any changes to the television interviewing policy after Brown's bare-all. It might be a while before you see another Lakers locker room interview.

-- Austin Knoblauch

Photo: Shannon Brown. Credit: Paul Buck / EPA