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George Parros: This is how the Ducks draw a crowd

December 22, 2009 | 12:15 pm

Christmastime is nearing and your Ducks have finally started to show signs of life. I think we can all agree it is about time. It has been a challenging season so far and it is far too early for an overly confident demeanor, but we are starting to learn how to win. Even though it is December, our backs are against the wall and playoff spots are always on the line. It is nice to be back to .500 though, and we will have an opportunity to gain some points back due to our tight holiday schedule. I think that "must-win" feeling has been in the air the last couple games. Hopefully it’s infectious. 
Blogphoto We just landed in Colorado and I am about to head out to a real authentic Colorado chop house. I am trying to follow the footsteps of Adam Richmond, the host of the Travel Channel’s "Man vs. Food," and hit local eateries with unique menus. Oftentimes, he hits some really greasy spoon-type spots which don't really fit into the dietary needs of a professional athlete. But there are some cool eateries that I’ll be able to check out. Here in Colorado is the Buckhorn Exchange. It holds the state's very first liquor license and serves dishes ranging from rattlesnake to elk. I am very excited.
Blogphoto2 Sometimes on our long plane rides that go along with playing in the Western Conference, entertainment is at a premium. While on our last trip, Getzy, Perry and I grew tired of playing cards so I suggested we hold a drawing contest, having no idea what I was about to get into. What ensued were perhaps the funniest few minutes I have ever had on a trip. We first decided to all draw a walrus, then a horse…. Corey’s drawings were so amazing, I was in tears. We drew quite a crowd with everyone howling over his creations. Even the flight attendants joined in because they couldn’t wait to see what he would envision next. These drawings are so life-changing that I felt I had to share them with the masses. I may even put them on a shirt in the next line of ‘Stache Gear. So please enjoy these as much as we did and check out for the newest in drawing contest fashion!

-- George Parros

George Parros is the Ducks' enforcer. The Times is pleased to have him blogging for us this season.

Top photo: We think that's supposed to be a walrus. Bottom photo: A horse? Credit: Anaheim Ducks.