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George Parros blog: giving thanks and disarming 'armpit' jokes

December 2, 2009 |  6:11 pm

(George Parros is a right wing for the Anaheim Ducks. The Times is pleased to have him blogging for us this season.)

Much has happened since my last installment, the most significant event would be Thanksgiving.

IMG_2816 Somehow, some way, since I started playing out on the West Coast my whole family has managed to relocate from their East Coast roots and find a spot in sunny California. I grew up for the most part in New Jersey. We bounced around a bit while I was younger but from about the third grade on, my family made our home in what some have called the "Armpit of America.” This very tasteful moniker, I am sure, has been given to New Jersey because the only part of the Garden State many people see is Newark International Airport and its lovely surroundings.

My memories of growing up there were quite different, though. We lived in typical suburbia, but were surrounded by plenty of trees, hills and lakes. On rare occasion around Thanksgiving time, we could even play some serious pond hockey…but usually that had to wait till around Christmas.

In any event, my family and I were able to get together and crush some serious food for the holiday because everyone now lives out here. My sister and her husband have two small kids that kept us entertained for the evening. My mother put on her usual spread. My brother-in-law is slowly making himself a useful part of the family with his introduction of the deep fried turkey. We also made some wings, sweet potato fries, and late into the night, managed four soggy wads of fried ice cream.

The only person missing was my brother, who over the last two years has made it a Thanksgiving tradition to play a solo round of golf and then cook himself a steak. He claims he shot his first hole-in-one, but was mysteriously solo at the if anyone in the Bay Area can confirm this feat, please write in. He is in desperate need of a witness!

11_27_09_Stash20Promo004 The other big event of the past week-or-so was the launching of my ‘Stache Gear line of clothing, although I hesitate to call it a clothing line.

I've had to do a lot of press interviews and what not for the different papers and internet sites and they are continually placing that label on it. Really it’s just a few cool T-shirt designs and some hats. Hardly a collection, but it’s fun stuff and looks pretty good. Everyone seemed to respond well to the apparel, though. We sold through much of the inventory that I had and were able to raise some money for charity at the same time, so I would call it a great success already

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who bought some ‘Stache Gear. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do (my favorite are the hats, I wear them non-stop). If you haven’t bought some yet, stop into the Ducks Team Store. Christmas is fast approaching and who doesn't love clothes covered in mustaches?

George Parros

Top photo: George Parros serving at “We Give Thanks” at the Honda Center. Bottom photo: George Parros at ‘Stache Gear launch. Credit: Ducks.