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George Parros: Cuts for the Kids charity event was a cut above

December 15, 2009 |  2:37 pm

Hello once again, blog faithful!

Fabforum This evening finds me in good spirits as I plunk down onto my sofa and scribe this week's entry because I just returned from my annual Cuts for the Kids charity event. It was another awesome turnout this year, and the venue, unlike last year's, was indoors, so it wasn't as cold and windy. We held it at The RINKS --  Huntington Beach Inline, and it proved to be a great setting for the massive hair chopping that took place. Thanks to Sport Clips, we were able to lower the ears of 50 willing hair donors and raise some funds for a great charity in CLF (Childhood Leukemia Foundation). It seems like this event grows exponentially every year, so a big thank you goes out to all the fans who have participated and to the Ducks staff for running a smooth operation every year.
Cut for the Kids is definitely one event every year that I look forward to. It is a great way to meet some of our fans, and it provides them a way to help out a great cause. It reminds us all that you don't have to be a celebrity or professional athlete to help out those less fortunate. In fact, I think the best part of this event are the young kids who grow their hair out for a year or more with the sole intention of helping out other kids their age. I think that is so cool, and this year we had many kids who did that very thing.

Participating this year was Logan Niedermayer, Scotty's oldest son. He had his hair cut in the chair next to mine and was a great sport. His story was actually quite funny because he liked his hair long, and his old man wanted it cut before school started this fall. He discovered that he could get another couple months with the long 'do if he waited to cut it with me, and even though Scott was not thrilled, they made a deal. I love the fact that Scott was a bit rattled about his son's hair. Because of my event, we have had some jokes this year about it. Our captain was a good sport about everything, though, and even stuck around to sign some autographs with me.

There were lots of cameras and news coverage at the event as well. In fact, the Ducks even whipped out the heavy artillery and got Kent "Mr. Show" French involved. I told him that you know your event has really made it when he shows up to emcee. The interviewers were asking M.J. (my hairstylist) if she was at all nervous about doing my hair while everyone was watching, but I assured her that the only thing she had to be nervous about was the approval of my wife. If she wasn't happy with the 'do, then we would have some problems because Tiffany (my wife) knows I only get the one cut a year -- so it had better be a good one! 

Not surprisingly, it turned out great. We all love it, although it is a bit shorter than last year's. So if we have to hold the event after January next year, don't be surprised. It's like I always say, as long as my hair keeps growing back, I'll be happy!

Thanks again to everyone involved. … Catch you next week.

--George Parros

Photo: George Parros with Logan Niedermayer. Credit: Anaheim Ducks.