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Chris "Rankman" Dufresne's top 25 college football teams

November 11, 2009 | 12:45 pm


 Rankman is starting to wonder whether he’s had the wrong Texas at No. 1 all season, what with Texas Christian having won at Virginia and Clemson and Brigham Young this year and with Texas having won at Wyoming. But one thing you learn in this business is never look back unless you’re Oregon’s defense trying to chase down Stanford’s Toby Gerhart. We salute Navy’s poll debut this week after the Midshipmen punched Notre Dame in the mid-section. And here’s a Rankman first: having to come up with a comment ... for Temple.

1; Texas 9-0; No truth that Longhorns added UCF to schedule after UNICEF backed out. (1)

2; Florida 9-0; SEC says USA Today’s $4 million salary for Meyer too high by $30,000. (2)

3; Texas Christian 9-0; Frogs haven’t lost a home game since, gulp, 2007 to Utah. (7)

4; Alabama 9-0; Wonder if Tide is now looking up at the three teams it can’t beat. (6)

5; Cincinnati 9-0; Coach asks cell phone server to block all calls from “574” area code. (3)

6; Boise State 9-0; Sorry: Rankman works Friday nights and saw the La. Tech game. (4)

7; Georgia Tech 9-1; Watch out warning this week at Duke — yes, we said Duke. (9)

8; Oregon 7-2; Ducks’ unstoppable offense meets its unstoppable defense. (5)

9; Louisiana State 7-2; Has USC boxed out for now because of victory at Washington. (10)

10; USC 7-2; Stats for Stanford’s Tavita Pritchard: two completed passes for one yard. (11)

11; Houston 8-1; Call the cops: Cougars move up after allowing 88 points in two wins. (12)

12; Iowa 9-1; Interesting how team exhausted its nine lives against the NW ‘Cats. (8)

13; Ohio State 8-2; Peaking just in time to do lose another BCS bowl game. (15)

14; Miami 7-2; Off to North Carolina to face a coach whose name may ring familiar. (14)

15; Utah 8-1; Going to Fort Worth to BCS bust Texas Christian in the chops. (16)

16; Oklahoma State 7-2; Still alive for a BCS bid but no one really wants to see that. (18)

17; Arizona 6-2; Second fastest Pac-10 unit behind Arizona State fans leaving home games. (19)

18; Stanford 6-3; Rankman is with Harbaugh: it’s “put up or shut up time for Stanford football.” (NR)

19; Penn State 8-2; New “Sammy Sosa cream” gets uniforms even whiter. (13)

20; Pittsburgh 8-1; Wannstedt and Weis meet downtown to swap coaching hot seat stories. (20)

21; Virginia Tech 6-3; Give Beamer a big Hokie Hug for notching career win No. 225. (21)

22; Brigham Young 7-2; Game plan for New Mexico trip starts with coach spelling “Albuquerque.” (24)

23; Oregon State 6-3; Doing the little things Beavers do to build dams and win games. (25)

24; Navy 7-3; Notre Dame asked after game how it could become a service academy. (NR)

25; Temple 7-2; It once took Owls from 2002 through 2005 to win seven games. (NR-ever!)

Dropped out: Notre Dame (22), Oklahoma (17), California (23).

Moved in: Stanford, Navy, Temple.

Disagree with the rankings? Leave Chris a comment and he will respond to you.

-- Chris Dufresne

Photo: Wide receiver Malcolm Williams of the Texas Longhorns stiff arms cornerback Justin Boddie #23 of Central Florida in the second quarter on Nov. 7. Texas won 35-3. Credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images.