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Cold weather could be another challenge for Angels and Yankees

October 15, 2009 |  9:03 am
Weather The possibility of rain for the first two games of the American League Championship Series isn't the only weather worry for some of the New York Yankees. With forecasts calling for temperatures in the lows 40s and a wind-chill nearing freezing, dealing with the cold could also be a problem.
"If a hitter gets jammed it doesn’t feel too good on the hands," Yankee pitcher Chad Gaudin said. "And then again, if a pitcher can’t feel his fingers, that’s tough too. [You] have to be ready for whatever happens."
Outfielder Nick Swisher says cold weather can be especially tough on outfielders, who may not have a ball hit their way for several innings but then have to make a game-saving play.
"You just have to keep yourself ready," he said.  "I don’t think it’s any advantage to either team. Obviously both teams have to deal with that."
Swisher said the Yankee pitching staff, which features quick workers who are always around the plate, will help.

"We’ve got guys who keep you in the game," he said. "That helps out a lot. You stand out there for three, four innings, you don’t get nothing. And all of sudden you’ve got to go track something down."
Some players try to keep loose by running in circles but Swisher said that's not his style.
"I'm more of jump up and down type of guy," he said.

-- Kevin Baxter

Photo: Yankees Manager Joe Girardi, left, tries to shield himself from the rain as watches Alex Rodriguez take part in batting practice on Thursday. Credit: Julie Jacobson / Associated Press

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