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Yankees could have spent more on media accommodations

October 15, 2009 |  2:33 pm
Apparently $1.5 billion doesn't buy what it used to.
That's what the Yankees spent to build their new stadium and apparently there wasn't enough left over to pay for windows in the press box, which is pretty much exposed to the elements.
And the auxiliary press box, for the overflow media who can't fit in the main box, is in the top deck in right field -- about a half-mile from home plate and right in the teeth of the wind.
Guess where my seat is?

This must be what it feels like to cover the Iditarod.

Sure it's going to be tough for the Yankees and Angels to play in a wind-chill that's forecast to be in the 20s. But try typing in that weather. It's not easy.
And while you may be able to throw and catch in the rain, you can't write. Computers are much less resistant to water than bats and balls are.
So while it's a privilege and an honor to be on-site for the American League Championship Series here in New York, I can promise you it's much more comfortable where you all will be Friday, in front of your television sets. I'll let you know how things work out here -- once I get the feeling back in my fingers, that is.
-- Kevin Baxter