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In the BCS, the eyes of Texas are looking up at Virginia Tech

You've heard of the two-step.

How about the Texas sit-down?

As in Austin, grab a chair and get a grip on your blood-pressure medication.

Fabforum The official Bowl Championship Series standings won't be revealed until Sunday, but there is enough information available now to put together a pretty accurate snapshot.

And it's not good news for Texas. Does anyone make a giant foam finger for "We're No. 4"?

The latest unofficial standings from BCS guru have Florida and Alabama on top with one-loss Virginia Tech ahead of Texas, which checks in fourth. Rounding out the almost nailed-down top 10 is Boise State at No. 5, followed by USC, Louisiana State, Ohio State, Cincinnati and Iowa.

How solid are these standings? Well, the only piece of information missing from the formula is one of the six BCS computers, Peter Wolfe, who is holding his standings for the official unveiling.

It didn't matter that Texas got passed for the No. 2 spot by Alabama this week in the Associated Press poll, because the AP is no longer in the BCS formula.

It did matter that Texas got passed by Alabama in the Harris Interactive poll, which is used in the BCS along with the USA Today coaches' poll. Texas remains at No. 2 in that index. Texas is getting hammered right now in two computers. The Longhorns are No. 22 in Jeff Sagarin's ratings and No. 18 in Ken Massey's index.

No need to panic yet, Texas, it's still way before early. We'll be sure to tell you when to panic. Beat Oklahoma this week and, who knows, Sagarin might bump you into the top 10.

It might be a good idea to wait before making travel plans to Pasadena for this year's BCS national title game.

-- Chris Dufresne

[email protected]

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