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George Parros: Dux in tux was a full evening

October 29, 2009 |  5:41 pm

Well, I’ve heard this blog has been received well, so it’s good to know I'm not putting everyone to sleep out there. You have to understand this is still a learning process for me because I have a natural aversion to blogging.  I associate blogging with all of those critics and comments that appear underneath our fight videos and in the myriad of fan forums out there. Even though there are legions of Ducks fans and perhaps Parros fans out there, I know there are just as many bloggers who love to comment on our lack of skills and how badly we were beaten in a fight.

Often times, there are some funny comments but in my first year in the NHL, I took all the negative ones to heart and it became a necessity to develop tough skin, figuratively speaking in this case! Now I can appreciate this side of blogging.

George-parros I'd say the most interesting part of this week took place last night at the Anaheim Hilton where the team hosted Dux in Tux, which benefits the Anaheim Ducks Foundation. This event always ends up being a good time. We show up right in rush-hour traffic, which is especially tough for me coming from the South Bay. We then all cram into a two-person bathroom to paint on our rental tuxes that don't breathe too well … just ask Jiggy!  It’s all rather comical … think, ‘Slap Shot’ during the fashion show, and it usually just gives us an excuse to make fun of each other.

In the past, our only duty for the evening was to serve wine to our assigned tables and make sure everyone had a healthy glow about them. This year, however, proved to be far more entertaining because we were each assigned to a table with a sponsor restaurant and were asked to help prepare the food. Unfortunately for my teammates, I was assigned to the Morton's Steakhouse table and was able to stuff my face with Colorado lamb chops, New York strip, and bacon-wrapped scallops. It turned out to be the most fun I've had yet at a Dux in Tux. I was able to eat and prepare some amazing food and come home with a full stomach thanks to Morton's Chef Eric and host-with-the-most Nate.

 I had a high school friend from New Jersey in town this week so when we got home, I thought it would be a good idea to cap the night off with a cigar and some old stories. My buddy brought me some Gurkha cigars for a wedding present, so I was all excited to relax and light one up. We got outside and spent 10 minutes fighting the wind, could barley hear each other and had ashes everywhere...the evening had apparently come full circle from the tuxedo changing room. So much for beautiful SoCal weather!

-- George Parros