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Chris Nowinski discusses concussions and how they affect athletes

October 12, 2009 |  1:50 pm

Chris Nowinski, one of the founders of the Sports Legacy Institute, recently gave an interview to the website, talking about advancements made in the study of concussions.

Fabforum Nowinski, who was a former college football player and pro wrestler who was forced to retire because of concussions, is one of the leading advocates toward better research on the impact concussions can have on players, especially later in life.

"Back when I played — back in the late '90s — if you got a concussion, you'd probably go back into the same game, but if you were really screwed up, you'd sit out a day or two. Now the research is out there that supports the idea that no athlete should ever return to play while symptomatic," Nowinski said.

The entire interview can he heard here.

-- Houston Mitchell