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Chris Dufresne: So the BCS is looking for a permanent point person?

October 21, 2009 |  4:36 pm

College football's home office is being inundated with applications for the newly proposed position of Bowl Championship Series point person.

BcsLogo Jimmy "The Fixer" reportedly wants a crack at it, an unemployed former air traffic controller thinks landing planes in Newark perfectly suits him to bringing the BCS standings home safely and a "cat-herder" from New Zealand is convinced he may be able to corral the USA Today voting coaches.

Why anyone would want the impossible -- and permanent -- position of defending the BCS might seem perfectly insane, yet it's just what college football needs.

The position of BCS coordinator has been a hot potato tossed from one acting conference commissioner to another, on a two-year rotating term.

Not ony are there potential conflicts of interest, with BCS commissioners having to deal with dicey issues involving their own schools, it hasn't even been fair because two of the six BCS conferences -- the Pac-10 and Big Ten -- have refused to accept the coordinator responsibility. The leagues contend that their separate contracts with ABC and the Rose Bowl somehow exempted them.

With ESPN taking over the entire BCS broadcast package starting next season, and some in Congress continuing to threaten antitrust legislation, the BCS needs a strong advocate to keep that faction of America from drawing devil horns on a system that college presidents strongly endorse and is wildly profitable.

The best man for the job, without a doubt, would be recently retired Big East Commissioner Michael Tranghese, who explained the BCS better than anyone, and, as BCS coordinator, was first to say when it screwed up.

You wouldn't wish this kind of assignment on your best friend, but since Tranghese is only a professional friend and stand-up person, I wholeheartedly endorse his hiring.

If he ends up being the man, well, good luck, Godspeed and don't forget to keep your powder dry.