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Tuesday's poll: What is wrong with Chad Billingsley?

September 22, 2009 |  7:37 am

Kevin Baxter of The Times has a story today about the sudden decline of Chad Billingsley. He lists three theories as to why Billingsley is having such a bad time lately.

1. It's physical. Billingsley's leg problems have caused him to become a different pitcher.

2. It's mental. The more he loses, the more he worries about losing, so it becomes a vicious circle.

3. It's bad luck. He's really not pitching that poorly, if he would get a break here or there he would have won a couple of recent games and no one would even be talking about this today.

So today's poll of the day is: What is wrong with Chad Billingsley? Vote and let your voice be heard, then leave a comment telling us why you voted the way you did.

-- Houston Mitchell