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CFL lineman wanted to attack teammate with shovel

September 25, 2009 |  6:48 pm


Things got out of hand during an Edmonton Eskimos practice on Thursday, when reserve defensive tackle Xzavie Jackson decided that teammate and starting center Aaron Fiacconi, who had just pummeled Jackson in a practice altercation, was in need of some tenderizing with a shovel.

Fortunately, General Manager Danny Maciocia stepped into his path.

"I just said, 'What are you planning on doing with that? Do you realize the repercussions?' " Maciocia said Friday. "I'm almost sure he had already come to that conclusion."

Jackson, who was going at full speed during a practice drill when most players were not, apologized to Fiacconi and his teammates. "We've made our peace," Fiacconi said. "In the end, I doubt he would have done something with the implement."

-- Dan Loumena