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Not such a smooth switch by CBS

September 20, 2009 |  1:55 pm

Loved watching the Jets and Patriots on L.A.'s Channel 2, loved wondering how often Mark Sanchez was thinking about what a good decision it was in leaving USC. After all, the Jets are 2-0. The Trojans aren't.


But then it was time for Game 2 of the doubleheader. First we got a taste of the post-game show and then a crawl saying that due to contractual obligations Channel 2 would be soon going to the Chargers-Ravens game. OK, fine, we get San Diego. Saw a little more of the show. Got that crawl again. And again. Then a commercial. Then the switch.

And for a glorious moment (confession, as a native of suburban Chicago this made me happy) Channel 2 sent us SoCal viewers to the Bears-Pittsburgh game. Just a tease,  just enough to make a few of our hopes rise. Then there was a clunky cutaway to the Chargers game.

This isn't a criticism of the game Channel 2 was showing. And this is with the understanding that it's possible to get all the NFL games by switching from our cable system to DirecTV. But, come on. This isn't a newfangled thing, switching to the game of contractual obligation. It shouldn't be so difficult.

-- Diane Pucin