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ESPN forbids unedited Twitter use for talent, staff, writers

August 5, 2009 |  1:17 pm

Ric copy

Shortly after the NFL and the U.S. Marines announced restrictions on social media, ESPN has released a new set of guidelines that will limit its employees' activity on social-networking sites. Naturally, the news broke on Twitter.

“The hammer just came down, tweeps: ESPN memo prohibiting tweeting info unless it serves ESPN. Kinda figured this was coming,” wrote ESPN NBA analyst Ric Bucher.  "My guess is I can still tweet about my vacation/car shopping, etc." he added.

After Bucher revealed the new guidelines, ESPN released the internal memo to the public.  The new rules prohibit ESPN employees from maintaining personal websites or blogs that discuss sports and discourages them from writing about internal policies or the company.  It also gives ESPN total editorial control over all social-media content. 

ESPN was quick to reassure fans that the new policies wouldn't change the face of its online content.  “We’ve been in the social-networking space for a long time, and will continue to be there,” said ESPN spokesman Chris LaPlaca.  He added that Bucher’s “interpretation of the policy is mistaken.”

ESPN may be restricting the Twitter activity of its employees, but L.A. Times writers are free to write about anything they want. After the jump check out our long list of sportswriters and desks who believe that new media are nothing to fear.

-- Brendan Bigelow

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