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Stephon Marbury streams 24-hour meltdown live on the Internet

Stephon Marbury has received a lot of criticism from the press during his career.  Over the weekend, Marbury took to the internet for a 24-hour live video session to set the record straight. In what can only be described as a level-headed display of sanity and poise, Marbury took questions from fans and calmly reminisced on his career.

Just kidding.

In reality, Marbury's Internet streaming session was anything but sane. Rather, it resembled something out of Dostoyevsky -- a fragmented interior monologue of a basketball player teetering on the edge of insanity.  And it all had very little to do with basketball.

"Do I believe in aliens?" Marbury responded to viewers at one point. "I don't know, because I've never seen one. But I believe in Jesus because I saw him in the shower the other day."

Marbury's streaming stream of consciousness covered just about everything, from music to current events.  "Michael Jackson? I wanted to meet him. I still want to meet him. One day I will meet Michael Jackson," said a wild-eyed Marbury.

At times, Marbury appeared manic, dancing around his house listening to Lupe Fiasco and singing along with Keri Hilson.  At other times, Marbury appeared more stoic.  He burst into tears while playing Kirk Franklin's "Lean On Me".

Late-night viewers of the Marbury show were rewarded with a secret family remedy for sore throats. "My little brother...he told me that his grandmother, who's almost 100 years old, told him that when you can't get your voice back, take some Vaseline and swallow it and it will help you," advised Marbury, before providing fans with a demonstration.

Marbury's career as a basketball player may be waning, but his television career is only beginning. 

-- Brendan Bigelow

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