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Summer League loves Blake Griffin

July 18, 2009 |  9:02 pm

Blake He may not be translating into a big bump in season ticket sales for the Clippers, but if this scene Saturday evening in Vegas for a post-game autograph signing at the NBA's Summer League is any indication, Blake Griffin is not without buzz. 

Over a couple days trolling around the arena I've seen a few guys sit for similar signings, and the crowds were nothing close to this one.  (Do I need to point out having that many people voluntarily wait in line to meet a Clipper is a rare thing indeed?)  This year's top overall pick in the NBA Draft has been, by leaps and bounds, the center of attention in Sin City and is handling it well, much to the pleasure/relief of the Clippers' staff. 

Call it one more reflection of the LAC's Summer of Good Fortune.  Not only did they beat the odds to win the lottery, but did it in a year where they wouldn't be compelled to draft a knucklehead. 

--Brian Kamenetzky

Photo: The Clippers' Blake Griffin signs autographs at the NBA's Summer League in Las Vegas. Credit: Brian Kamenetzky