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Video: Dodgers' Torre, on 'Tonight Show,' welcomes Conan to L.A.

June 16, 2009 | 11:50 am

Conan O'Brien and Dodgers Manager Joe Torre had a fun interview last night on "The Tonight Show." Torre welcomed his fellow New York transplant to Los Angeles by giving him a baseball cap, a jersey and a couple of shots of wheatgrass juice.

The conversation had some typically great baseball stories and also looked at the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. Of note for local fans, Torre showed a soft spot for Manny Ramirez and what he's going through as a person right now.

I forgot until the end of the segment that Torre was promoting his book "The Yankee Years."

O'Brien opened the show by joking about the riots in Iran, saying he wasn't sure if they were about the election or because the Lakers had won. Then he did a longer bit about the Lakers celebration, which is posted on the show's website.

--Adam Rose