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Sports and Hollywood: Sean Payton, Matt Leinart and Scientology

June 8, 2009 | 10:47 am


Because we're in L.A., after all ...

  • New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton can write a play script, but what about a film script? He's trying to sell a movie concept called "The Xbox Kid," which combines everything guys love: sports, video games, and natural disasters. It sounds an awful lot like Adam Sandler's "Click."
  • Matt Leinart is taking MMA lessons. What does this have to do with Hollywood? A) It's Matt Leinart. B) The lessons are being taught by Fox's Jay Glazer. C) Leinart used to be represented by CAA, which is hawking Payton's script.
  • It's amazing what you can find in the Sports Illustrated Vault. Deadspin went poking around this weekend and discovered a Scientologist -- former 49er quarterback John Brodie. The site raises a great question: Why aren't there more Scientologists playing sports? It's a surprise, writes A.J. Daulerio, "given how malleable (and super rich) these guys are coming out of college. And most athletes are already hard-wired to process various self-help and motivational techniques."

Finally, a line poigniant enough for Vin Scully though perhaps a bit too biting, from Bob Brenly during a sloppy Cubs-Reds game:

"If there are any Little Leaguers watching, turn the TV off."

-- Adam Rose

Photos, from left: Sean Payton; Matt Leinert; Bob Brenly. Credits, from left: Bill Haber / Associated Press; Matt York / Associated Press; Matt York / Associated Press.