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Kobe vs. LeBron plays out on T-shirts, but what's their hardware really worth?

June 18, 2009 | 11:52 am

LeBron James sports an MVP shirt while Kobe Bryant sports a 4-ring shirt.

It's been a busy week for these NBA stars.

LeBron James reminded everybody at a day spa that he won some hardware.

Kobe Bryant reminded everybody at a parade that he won some hardware, too.

No sightings of Lil' Dez.

If either of these guys are cash-strapped, they could turn to Cash4Gold (you may remember their Super Bowl commercial with MC Hammer and Ed McMahon). The company suggested that the Lakers could send in their new Larry O'Brien Trophy for up to $3,500. Appraisers noted that the trophy weighs roughly 16 pounds, stands nearly 2 feet tall and is composed of sterling silver overlaid with 24-karat gold.

In case the Lakers are selling, I'll offer $3,600 right now.

No word on how much LeBron can get for the MVP trophy.

-- Adam Rose

Left photo: LeBron James sports an MVP shirt. Credit: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images
Right photo: Kobe Bryant sports a four-ring shirt. Credit: Jeff Goss/Getty Images