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Stunner: no new bowls added for 2009-10 season

May 19, 2009 |  2:33 pm

Bcs The release of next season's bowl schedule is terrific news for Texas Congressman Joe Barton because the number of bowls will remain fixed at 34.

No new Twitter Bowl, sorry. Apparently, they couldn't round up 140 characters willing to pony up the cash.

This is perfect for Barton's ingenius suggestion, made at those recent sitting-room-only congressional hearings on the BCS, that you could use all 34 bowls as part of a massive, NCAA Tournament-like playoff for college football. You know, the one where they hold the title game NO LATER than Easter Sunday so as to not extend the season into the third semester (summer).

Thirty-five bowls? Well, that might really be pushing it, even for a congressional 10-gallon hat. Of course, all "Barton bowl" bets are off if Texas secedes from the union. The Lone Star state hosts the Cotton, Sun, Armed Forces, Alamo and Texas bowls.

Seriously, though. There are only a couple of things to remember about next season's bowl lineup. January first and foremost, the Rose Bowl is hosting two games this year, the traditional New Year's Day parade-plus-pigskin and then the BCS title game on Jan. 7.

This is the last rotation of the first go-round for the "double-host" model and the Rose Bowl is looking to throw two solid punches. The first game could be Oregon vs. Ohio State followed by something like USC vs. Florida. The Rose Bowl's dream matchup is No. 3 vs No. 4 in the Jan. 1 game followed by its guaranteed No.1 vs. No.2. (Boise State vs Utah?)

This is pending any emergency Supreme Court ruling that deems the BCS unconstitutional.

Remember, don't judge a bowl by its logo. Some "lesser" bowls end up being better than the majors. Last year, the pint-sized Poinsettia out of San Diego hit the lottery with Texas Christian vs. Boise State while Wake Forest vs. Navy in the EagleBank was a lot better than USC vs. Penn State in the Rose.

UCLA fans? After last year's 4-8, you would do back flips on I-15 to get to the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22 against the Mountain West.

USC is hoping it does not end up in the Probation Bowl.

-- Chris Dufresne