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Kobe vs. LeBron: Some Magic fans believe it's pre-ordained

May 20, 2009 | 11:44 am

The Orlando Magic has no chance against the Cleveland Cavaliers. At least, that's the theory among some in Orlando who believe the NBA has dictated that the Cavaliers and Lakers should meet in the Finals.

"People in the Sentinel's live chat during Game 7 with the Celtics talked about it,'' Andrea Adelson of the Orlando Sentinel writes. "Someone on the popular Magic blog 'Third Quarter Collapse' posted this: 'I hope the Magic can beat the refs' when talking about the Cavs series. He even included a poll, 'Who do you think will win with the refs?' Of the 38 people who responded, 22 said neither (and 11 said the NBA is rigged).

"Whether this represents a small segment of the Magic fan base or not, the chatter is real."

Of course, we are talking about this on the West Coast too.

--Randy Harvey