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Dog day afternoon

March 28, 2009 |  5:46 pm

HOUSTON -- So the follow-up question came a day later.

What kind of dog was the Clippers' Zach Randolph talking about?

He was telling me Friday that he is hardly a high-tech guru. This was in response to Twitter-gate when someone impersonating him posted a line on Twitter, saying he wanted out of the Clippers. He said he is happy in L.A. and plans on spending a good part of his upcoming summer in SoCal.

"The only thing I get on the computer is to look at dogs," he said. "That's it. Dogs and cars."

That would be pit bulls. He has one favorite.

"My little girl," Randolph said on Saturday. "She's like five months. I sold the rest of the litter."

Apparently, he gets anywhere from $1,800 to $2,500 for a dog. Don't think rookie guard Eric Gordon will be a new customer. A wide-eyed Gordon was listening to us about an hour ago in the locker room talking about Randolph's business of dealing dogs.

Randolph: "He's scared of dogs."

Gordon: "I'm not scared of dogs."

Randolph: "Man's best friend."

(As for player-related news: Marcus Camby (sprained left ankle) is out, as is Baron Davis, who said he has a stomach ulcer. Davis was working on his new diet of saltines in the locker room. "I can only eat like crackers," he said. "Just got to find the things you can drink. Just water. I'm fine with just water.")

-- Lisa Dillman