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Sterling talks about Baylor

February 11, 2009 | 11:23 pm

Clippers owner Donald Sterling hasn't been spotted in his team's locker room at Staples Center much this season. But there he was after their overtime victory over the Knicks on Wednesday night.

He congratulated his players and then spoke for a few minutes with The Times and Beth Harris of Associated Press before his lawyer Robert H. Platt materialized and, very politely, stopped the interview.

Sterling seemed dismayed and somewhat surprised to hear his former GM Elgin Baylor had filed a lawsuit against the Clippers, Sterling and the NBA, among others.

"How long was he with us? Twenty-something years," Sterling said. "I haven't read the complaint, so I don't know. I can't imagine (it) because Elgin has always been very, very close to me.  Every time we go anywhere, we go together. We eat together. We go to games together. But I'll read it.

He did not answer the specifics of the lawsuit and said he hadn't spoken to Baylor since October.

"He's a fabulous person," Sterling said of Baylor. "And he has a fabulous wife. I think there's some mistake. You read it?"

-Lisa Dillman