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St-Pierre's corner responds to Nevada commission

February 25, 2009 | 10:41 pm

The trainer and cornerman of Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre responded to the Nevada State Athletic Commission Wednesday, in a letter released by St-Pierre's spokeswoman tonight.

The response was provoked by a prior letter of complaint to the commission by St-Pierre's Jan. 31 opponent, lightweight champ B.J. Penn, who was beaten badly by St-Pierre for four rounds before the title fight was stopped. Penn complained St-Pierre was greased up by excessive use of Vaseline during round-break rubdowns.

Both St-Pierre's trainer, Greg Jackson, and cornerman, Phil Nurse, said they had "no intention to illegally apply Vaseline" as alleged by Penn.

"We believe strongly that we have done nothing to violate Nevada State Athletic Commission rules or to otherwise impugn the outcome of UFC 94, the integrity of the UFC or the sport and that the letter [of complaint by Penn] constitutes nothing more than Mr. Penn's desperate attempt to protect his reputation and commercial value after being totally dominated by a superior athlete."

Here's the entire letter.

The Nevada commission will now weigh its response, which could include a fine or suspension of St-Pierre or no discipline at all.

--Lance Pugmire